Classification: Archaeology

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Biscuit style chunkey stone Mississippian 61.1120 Stone
Projectile point Woodland 61.63913 Stone
Bone awl Southeast, Mississippian 83.505 Bone
Ceramic humanoid effigy Mesoamerican; Aztec 54.7305 clay
Stone celt or ungrooved axe head Mississippian 61.1766 Stone
Little River projectile point Southeast, Archaic 61.13464 Stone
Reed projectile point Mississippian 61.12731 Stone
Stone Scottsbluff projectile point Southeast, Archaic 61.7450 Stone
Stone scraper Archaic 61.11057 Stone
Bifacially flaked projectile point with notched stem Archaic 61.61053 Stone
Ivory harpoon foreshaft Arctic, Inuit 83.1847 Ivory
Stone Mississippian ceremonial sword and mace Mississippian 61.1565 a-b Stone, Dover Flint
Comala hunchback male dwarf figure Mesoamerican; West Mexican 54.3487 clay, burnished red slip
Mill Creek flint notched hoe Northeast, Mississippian 61.16931 Mill Creek flint
Stone Dalton (Meserve) drill Archaic 61.9423 Stone
Cahokia projectile point Mississippian 61.12486 Stone
Untyped stone projectile point Unknown 61.7293 Stone
Stone Dalton projectile or dart point Southeast, Archaic 61.10254 Stone
Chert Meserve projectile point Southeast, Archaic 61.43316 Chert
Ivory arrow straightener with a polar bear’s head effigy Arctic, Inuit 83.1189 Ivory