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Classification: Jewelry and Adornments

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Silver pin of an eagle kachina dancer with engraved and stamped designs Native American; Zuni 60.7 silver
Silver Necklace with a single turquoise set in sterling sill double rainbow Naja and twenty silver Mercury dimes Native American; Southwest 60.190 silver, turquoise, dimes
Butterfly-shaped pin with engraved designs and turquoise inset at head Native American; Navajo (Diné) 84.1418 silver, turquoise
Gold pin with gold wishbone decoration American TU2009.39.225 metal, stone
Blue Hudson Bay trade beads strung on cotton string Native American; Plains 57.16 cotton string, glass
Silver ring with turquoise Native American; Navajo (Diné) 84.2052 silver, turquoise
Gold dog pin with sparkly stone eyes American TU2009.39.226 metal
Silver cuff bracelet with stamped designs Wolf Robe Hunt Native American; Acoma 60.18 silver
Silver ring with three turquoise stones Native American; possibly Navajo (Diné) 84.2064 silver, turquoise
Pin with an oval portrait of a woman in a black hat American TU2009.39.227 metal
Silver bracelet with engraved designs Wolf Robe Hunt Native American; Acoma 60.17 silver
Two cuff links with raised buffalo skulls on them American TU2009.39.141a-b silver
Pin with a portrait of a woman's profile Charles Marion Russell American TU2009.39.228 metal
Silver cuff bracelet with engraved geometric designs Wolf Robe Hunt Native American; Acoma 60.19 silver
Buffalo skull handkerchief slide American TU2009.39.158 metal
Pin with a Native American face decoration American TU2009.39.235 metal
Gold ring with flat top American TU2009.39.167 gold
Pin with dark metal swastika decoration American TU2009.39.234 metal