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Classification: Manuscripts

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Letter from William Quesenbury to "Charley [Scott]" William Quesenbury American 3826.2271 ink on paper
Letter from Cornelius Vanderbilt to Thomas Gibbons Cornelius Vanderbilt American 3826.2816 ink on paper
Letter from Thomas E. Drake to the Aldine Book Company Thomas E. Drake American 3827.867 ink on paper
Letter from Thomas E. Drake to Mr. Gold, of the Aldine Book Company Thomas E. Drake American 3827.868 ink on paper
Painted letter from J. W. Powell to W. Eames J. W. Powell American 4026.8570 ink on paper
Letter from P. W. Humphrey to Charles Cassady reporting on affairs with the Chickasaw and Creek P. W. Humphrey American 3826.1460 ink on paper
Letter from Marquis James to Charles Banks Wilson regarding the publication of the volume "The Cherokee Strip" Marquis James American 3827.3385 ink on paper
Letter from E. H. English to I. T. Adair mentioning the period of carpetbaggers and the process of the common law of property E. H. English American 4026.3593 ink on paper
Report from a meeting of the Commissioners for Managing Indian Affairs American 4026.5899 ink on paper
Transcript titled "Extract from California Diary" describing the journey from Fort Smith to Santa Fe, written by a member of the Knickerbocker Exploring Company en route to the gold fields in California American 3616.149 ink on paper
A notebook listing disbursements, some of which are to Native Americans American 3626.152 ink on paper
Letter from Patrick Gordon to Chief Shekallamy regarding the sale of rum to the Native Americans American 3826.1200 ink on paper
Eleven page document from a Dr. Hall to a Mr. Pennant concerning observations made during a journey in 1775 from St. Augustine to what is now Tallahassee, Florida American 4026.5845 ink on paper
Copy of an interview of a Mataugwesauwack Indian American 4026.5927 ink on paper
Letter from G. Saltonstall requesting a missionary be sent to instruct the Mohegans in the Christian religion G. Saltonstall American 4026.8351 ink on paper
Copy of a letter from Mildred D. Ladner to Jensen asking questions relating to the book that she is writing American 3877.7444 ink on paper
Memorial by citizens of New Mexico to President Andrew Johnson and others possibly American or New Mexican 4036.4120 ink on paper
Book about Olaf Seltzer with a photocopy and translation copies American 5176.899a-b ink on paper
A small notebook containing an account of a buffalo hunt that started at Fort Gibson with experiences at various camps American 3626.151 ink on paper
Photocopy of the sailing schedule for the Thingualla Line with a handwritten translation indicating that Olaf Seltzer and his mother were to sail from Copenhagen to New York on the steamship Island on June 21 American 5376.793a-b ink on paper