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Classification: Maps and Atlases

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Atlas of the Historical Georgraphy of the U.S. 3927.95
A New General Map of America Emanuel Bowen American 3916.172
Map of the country of the Five Nations American 3926.41 ink on paper
Survey of the coast of West Florida from Pensacola to Cape Blaise George Gauld 3926.564
An Image of the World Abraham Ortelius 3935.62
Carta Nautica del Mar Costas y Islas y Indias Occidentales 3973.594
Map showing routes of emigrating Indians from 1830 to 1840 Grant Foreman 3926.567
Map of the vicinity of Saltillo, noting military positions before the Battle of Buenavista American 3936.182 ink on paper
Map of the provinces of North & South Carolina, Georgia, and other states Emanuel Bowen 3976.646
Map of the Cherokee Strip, Indian Territory 3926.636
Rough draft of a map made from an imperfect copy of Avista’s Map with some corrections American 3936.186 ink on paper
A New Map of Georgia with Part of Carolina, Florida, and Louisiana Emanuel Bowen 3976.654
Map of Indian Territory and Oklahoma 3926.639
Americae sive Novi Orbis, Nova Descriptio Abraham Ortelius 3965.569
General map of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia Laurie & Whittle 3976.655
Indian Territory with Part of the Adjoining State of Kansas 3926.660a-b
Americae Pars, Nunc Virginia Dicta, Primum ab Anglis Inventa Sumtibus Dn Walteri Raleigh Theodor de Bry 3975.226
Map of the Cayman Islands and Caribbean Sea 3976.739 vellum with color
Map of the United States, Northern Mexico, southern “British America” (Canada) George W. Boynton 3916.214
Map of the United States and Territories D. McClelland; , D. McClelland 3926.707