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Classification: Organic Materials

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Lump of deep brown clay American TU2009.39.254f
A box including 1 tooth, 9 stone points, and 13 plaster shards with corroded iron embedded American TU2009.39.88 stone, bone, plaster, paper
Two sticks of wood with an unknown use American TU2009.39.137a-b wood
Ball of red yarn American TU2009.39.139 yarn
Set of two walrus teeth hooked together American TU2009.39.157a-b walrus teeth
One of two sticks of wood that is either glossed or painted American TU2009.39.90a-b wood, paint,
Lumps of deep brown clay American TU2009.39.254d-e clay
Piece of hide with brown hair attached American TU2009.39.246 hide
Lump of green clay American TU2009.39.254b clay, wax paper
Oblong lump of clay American TU2009.39.254a clay
Lump of green clay American TU2009.39.254c clay