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Classification: Paintings

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Bad Lands, Canyon de Chelly William Robinson Leigh American 01.57 oil on canvas board
Taos Deer Hunter Bert Geer Phillips American 01.2084 oil on canvas
(Flamingoes' Breeding Place) Shooting Flamingoes, Grand Saline, Argentina George Catlin American 0156.2166 oil on canvas
Laguna William Robinson Leigh American 0137.261 oil on canvas board
Missing Frederic Remington American 01.638 oil on canvas
Fort Snelling at the Mouth of the St. Peters River 7 Miles below the Falls of St. Anthony, Upper Mississippi. George Catlin American 0176.2119 oil on canvas
Night Hitch Charles Percy Austin 01.1247 oil on canvas
Ganado William Robinson Leigh American 0137.171 oil on canvas board
Horse and Rider on Cliff Woodrow Wilson Crumbo Native American; Muscogee (Creek), Potawatomi 02.476 watercolor on paper
Washing Wheat Eva Mirabal Native American; Taos Pueblo 02.215 tempera on paper
Manuel Lisa - 1807, Watching The Construction of Fort Lisa Olaf Carl Seltzer American 0137.757 oil on board
Kent Falls, Connecticut William Robinson Leigh American 0127.244 oil on canvas board
Buffalo Head Alfred Jacob Miller American 02.1114 watercolor on paper
Cloud Study Albert Bierstadt American 01.16 oil on paper
Pottery Design Julian Martinez Native American; San Ildefonso 02.257 watercolor and ink on paper
Indians Wishing to Prove Whether or Not the Spaniards Were Immortal. Drowning a Spaniard Named Salsede in the Ocean Unknown 01.2039 oil on wood panel
Through the Alkali Charles Marion Russell American 01.903 oil on canvas
On the Flathead Charles Marion Russell American 0237.981 watercolor on paper
Sunset William Robinson Leigh American 0137.99 oil on canvas board
Rocks Ethel Traphagen American 0137.178 oil on canvas board