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Classification: Tools and Equipment

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Large sandstone abrader with indents Unknown Native American 61.5151 sandstone
Boot polishing kit case American TU2009.39.26.3
Paintbrush with dark brown handle and round bristles American TU2009.39.74n
Printing block of a bucking horse and rider American TU2009.39.113k
Rembrandt oil paint "Burnt Sienna" American TU2009.39.250f
Metal Milton Bradley Co. watercolor box American TU2009.39.63
Paintbrush with wooden black handle American TU2009.39.74o
Maroon leather sewing kit American TU2009.39.209
Plain silver oil paint tube American TU2009.39.250g
Thin metal horseshoe American TU2009.39.66
Paintbrush with wooden brown handle American TU2009.39.74p
Rembrandt oil paint "Rose Madder" American TU2009.39.214a
Mussini oil paint "Cadmium Yellow" American TU2009.39.250h
Paintbrushes American TU2009.39.74a
Paintbrush with wooden black handle American TU2009.39.74q
Mussini oil paint "Ultramarine Blue Deep" American TU2009.39.214b
Oil paint tube "Blanc de Zinc" American TU2009.39.250i
Paintbrush with wooden handle marked "7" + Raynolds C. Inc." American TU2009.39.74b
Fountain pen with wooden handle American TU2009.39.251c
A wood palette carved with the profile of C. M. Russell, a buffalo, a buffalo skull, and a saddled horse with rider American TU2009.39.111