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Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Dr. Lloyd Williams and wife, Mildred Peevyhouse Wiliams, and unidentified couple, aboard S.S. Flandre cruise ship American 4327.10295
Karen Jackson Simpson and survivors Genevieve Tillman-Jackson, Thelma Thurman Knight, and Otis Granville Clark, with an unidentified woman in Washington, District of Columbia American 4328.10891
Eddie Faye Gates giving the keynote speech at the Young Authors Conference for Middle School at Rogers University, Tulsa, Oklahoma Eddie Faye Gates American 4327.10702
Dr. Scott Ellsworth, Representative Maxine Waters, Ralph Knight, the son of survivor Thelma Thurman Knight, and Eddie Faye Gates in Washington, District of Columbia; Copy 4 of 7 Scott Ellsworth, Maxine Moore Waters, Eddie Faye Gates American 4328.11039
Eddie Faye Gates with Don Ross holding a campaign sign running for State Representative Eddie Faye Gates American 4327.10453
Eddie Faye Gates and Mrs. Eldoris McCondishi Eddie Faye Gates American 4327.10579
Eddie Faye Gates lecturing to students at the New Concept Prep School, Tulsa, Oklahoma Eddie Faye Gates American 4327.10711
Ernestine Gibbs, of California and a massacre survivor, lawyer Adjoa Aiyetoro, Essie Beck, massacre survivor, and Eddie Faye Gates, and Mrs. Beck's son Eddie Faye Gates, Adjoa Aiyetoro American 4328.10519
Representative Don Ross, of Tulsa, Eddie Faye Gates, Social Studies Curriculum Coordinator of Tulsa Public Schools and Oklahoma House of Representatives "At Risk" Commissioner, Evelyn Lawson, principle of Monroe Middle School in Tulsa, and Millard House, National Alliance of Black School Educators, Eddie Faye Gates American 4327.11074
Willie P. Davis American 4327.10406
Eddie Faye Gates holding a basket of food with two unidentified individuals Eddie Faye Gates American 4327.10712
Elise Pierce of People Magazine visiting Tulsa, Oklahoma, Eddie Faye Gates, and massacre survivor Genevieve Tillman-Jackson; Copy 1 of 2 Eddie Faye Gates American 4327.11045
Henry Cisneros, former San Antonio, Texas Mayor and keynote luncheon speaker at the 1991 Tulsa Metropolitan Ministry Racism Conference, held at the downtown Doubletree Hotel in Tulsa, Oklahoma Henry Gabriel Cisneros, Eddie Faye Gates American 4327.10458
Eddie Faye Gates and Dr. Vivian Clark Adams American 4328.10616
Eddie Faye Gates and Dr. Vivian Clark, both of Tulsa, and Helen Greadington, of Oklahoma City, in the Blue Room at the Oklahoma State Capitol, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Eddie Faye Gates, Oklahoma State Capitol American 4327.10696
Otis Granville Clark, Anita and Robert Holloway, Eddie Faye Gates, and Thelma Thurman Knight on a transit from the Senate to the House of Representatives in the Supreme Court in Washington, District of Columbia Eddie Faye Gates American 4328.10536
Eddie Faye Gates, the education award recipient, with Dr. William McLain, of Washington, District of Columbia and Alabama born, at the 1991 Tulsa Metropolitan Ministries Racism Conference, held at the downtown Doubletree Hotel in Tulsa, Oklahoma Eddie Faye Gates American 4327.10460
Mrs. Juanita McGowan Burnett Arnold, who is associated with the Tulsa Race Massacre American 4327.10623
Eddie Faye Gates and Norman F. Gates, Jr. at the First Church of Christ Scientist, Pinner, Middlesex, United Kingdom, their home church 1962-1965 Eddie Faye Gates American 4378.10832
An obscured individual, an unidentified woman, survivors Wess Young, Sr., Otis Granville Clark, and Thelma Thurman Knight, (all seated) with Raymond Knight, Eddie Faye Gates, and Representative Melvin "Mel" Luther Watt, and Representative Sheila Jackson L Melvin "Mel" L. Watt, Eddie Faye Gates American 4328.10547