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Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
An unidentified individual sitting in a chair on the porch of a house with Eddie Faye Gates Eddie Faye Gates American 4327.10587
Unidentified woman with two unidentified children wearing matching outfits of printed sweaters and mint colored sweatpants American 4327.10335
Mildred Peevyhouse Williams (center) seated with two unidentified males American 4327.10298
Two unidentified children and unidentified woman standing in a kitchen American 4327.10322
Henry Cisneros, former San Antonio, Texas Mayor and keynote luncheon speaker at the 1991 Tulsa Metropolitan Ministry Racism Conference, held at the downtown Doubletree Hotel in Tulsa, Oklahoma Henry Gabriel Cisneros, Eddie Faye Gates American 4327.10458
Samuel Smith, a relative of Ida B. Wells and Eddie Faye Gates at Native Sons Bookstore in Las Vegas, Nevada Eddie Faye Gates American 4338.10472
Ken Hollis and Rose Kennedy at a community meeting on the Tulsa Race Massacre American 4328.10476
Tulsa Race Massacre survivor Lois Taylor with Eddie Faye Gates, in Sarasota, California Eddie Faye Gates American 4338.10484
Survivors Anita and Robert Holloway, Thelma Thurman Knight, Raymond Knight, and Wess Young, Sr., being welcomed as guest of the United States Congress in Washington, District of Columbia American 4328.10541
Robert Holloway with his wife Anita, of San Francisco Bay Area, California with Representative Maxine Waters; Copy 2 of 4 Maxine Moore Waters American 4328.10982
A house in a field American 4327.10918
Johnette Mitchell and Mabelline Mitchell Jackson at the Ralph Ellison book review in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma American 4327.10509
Representative Al Green with Eddie Faye Gates, an unidentified individual and Representative Bobby Lee Rush, is mostly off-camera on the lower right, in Washington, District of Columbia Alexander "Al" N. Green, Bobby Lee Rush American 4328.10549