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Department: Anthropology

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Strike-a-light bag with beading and metal jingles Unknown Native American 84.565 hide, glass, metal
Beaded leather cradleboard with fringe Unknown Native American; possibly Oc'eti S'akowin (Sioux) 84.624a-d hide, glass, wood
Wooden painted Osage cradleboard Unknown; , Ben Stone Native American; Osage 84.626 wood, paint, brass, wool
Painted cradleboard with brass pins and bells with beaded straps Unknown; , Emil William Lenders Native American; Osage 84.630 pigment, wood, brass, yarn, glass
Crupper decorated with fringe and beadwork Unknown Native American; Cheyenne (artist and user) 84.648 glass, wool, hide
Leather bridle with German silver Unknown; , Ben Stone; , Red Corn Native American; possibly Osage, Sac and Fox, or Potawatomi 84.685 saddle leather, metal
Concho belt with leather and silver Unknown Native American; Southern Plains 84.1222 hide, silver
Carved wooden bow Unknown Native American; Plains 84.1895b wood
Metal broach with crucifix Unknown; , Henry Haskell; , Dudly Haskell Native American; Osage 84.2924f metal, glass
Man's beaded belt with thin metal buckle and red floral design Ernest Emmett Thompson; , Unknown; , Mary and Lawrence Bryan Native American; Kaw 84.3046 metal, glass, cloth
Osage blanket made of ribbon and wool with silver sequins and stripped ribbon work Unknown; , Carol Rachlin Native American; Osage 84.3235 wool, plastic, dye
Colorful beaded bolo tie Unknown Native American 84.3102 glass
Wooden awl and beaded case with metal cones and pearl-like beads Unknown Native American; Comanche 84.729a-b hide, wood, glass, metal
Carved wooden Bois d'arc bow Blas Placidio Native American; Kiowa 84.3118 wood, hide (raw), horsehair
Metal dance bells on strips of leather Unknown; , Chief Strawberry Native American; Potawatomi 84.814a-b hide, metal
Girl's dress made of hide with fringe and beaded detailing Unknown; , Thomas and Mariana Wallrabenstein; , Hugh C. and Aletha Silcox Native American; Cheyenne 84.3152 hide, glass, metal, silk
Metal dance bells on leather straps Unknown Native American; Central Plains 84.815a-b hide, metal
Beaded awl case with metal clinkers and twisted fringe Unknown Native American; Comanche 84.710 hide, glass, metal
Metal dance bells on leather strips Unknown Native American; Central Plains 84.816a-b hide, metal
Carved wooden bow with blue, gold, clear, and green beading Unknown Native American 84.932 wood, glass, thread, cotton