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Oklahoma Native American Photographs Collection

Collection Overview

There are 1,627 Oklahoma affliated Native American Photographs. The photographs have been acquired continuously since the museum's opening in 1949 and have developed into a significant independent collection over the years. These unique photographs provide a glimpse into tribal life and customs after removal into Indian Territory, now Oklahoma, and visually illustrate the process of adaptation to European customs juxtaposed with attempts to retain unique cultural identities. Prominent individuals with ties to Oklahoma history featured in this collection include Choctaw Chief John Ross (and family), Principal Chief during the Removal Period and after (1820 – 1866); Choctaw Chief Peter Pitchlynn (and family), Choctaw political leader from 1830 through election as Principal Chief (1864 – 1866) and after; and the important Creek Artist Acee Blue Eagle, to name a few.

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