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These selected items are offered with enlargements for close viewing.

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Watching the Breakers Winslow Homer American 0126.2264 oil on canvas
Shoshone Falls on the Snake River Thomas Moran English American 0126.2339 oil on canvas
George Washington Jean-Antoine Houdon French 0976.4 Seravezza marble
Stone Beaver Effigy Pipe Hopewell 6124.1140 Stone, bone, pearl, carved
The Arrival of American Troops at the Front John Singer Sargent American 0177.1219 oil on canvas
Riders in the Storm Earl Biss Jr. Native American; Ojibwa (Chippewa), Crow 01.2574 oil on canvas
Sierra Nevada Morning Albert Bierstadt American 0126.2305 oil on canvas
Ceramic Bottle 5435.2687 ceramic
Crucified Land Alexandre Hogue American 01.2000 Oil on canvas
Dempsey and Firpo George Wesley Bellows American 14.466 lithograph on paper
Codex Canadensis 4726.7 ink on paper
Painted Hide Emil William Lenders Native American; Sioux, Osage 89.49 leather
Cradleboard with red wool and beaded geometric design mounted on solid wood cross sections decorated with metal tacks Unknown Native American; Kiowa 84.633 wood, hide, glass, metal, cloth
Hunger Walter Ufer American 0137.2196 oil on canvas
The Eagle Henry Kirke Brown; , Robert Wood & Company American 0826.140 sand cast in bronze
Mercado de Flores Alfredo Zalce; , The Grapevine Gallery Mexican 01.2553 oil on canvas
Articles of Confederation 1777 American 4026.899 ink on paper
Letter from Creeks Residing in Cherokee Nation to Chief John Ross Unknown Native American; Creek 4026.463 ink on paper
Breaking Through the Line Charles Schreyvogel American 01.1235 oil on canvas
Mrs. Joseph Hopkinson Thomas Sully American 0126.2107 oil on canvas