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Object Type: Acrylic Painting

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
The Cactus Men Ben Adair Shoemaker Native American; Cherokee, Quapaw, Shawnee 01.2498 acrylic on mat board
The Voice of the Drum Circles the Sun Joan Hill Native American; Cherokee, Creek 02.2099
Abstract Rainbird Pablita Velarde Native American; Santa Clara 02.2102 acrylic on illustration board
Birds Johnson Meeks First Nations; Cree 14.876 acrylic
Unarmed... Robert McMurtry; , James and Rosemarie Waggoner Native American; Comanche 02.2004 acrylic on board
Snapping Turtle - Crow Indian Man Kevin Red Star Native American; Crow 01.2570 acrylic on canvas
Untitled Norval Morrisseau Native American; Ojibwa 01.2530 acrylic on canvas
Prayer To The Sun Parker Boyiddle, Jr. Native American; Kiowa 0127.2505 acrylic on canvas
Any Summer Afternoon Charles Banks Wilson; , Frankie Van Johnson American 0137.2465 acrylic
Jim Thorpe (Study) Charles Banks Wilson; , Frankie Van Johnson American 0137.2467 acrylic
Waiting Gelineau Fisher Native American; Anishinaabe, Ojibwe 02.2016 acrylic on paper