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Object Type: Article

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Article in "Fashion Digest" magazine with photo of Paul Revere's young descendant encouraging donations to purchase William R. Leigh's painting "Midnight Ride of Paul Revere" for the Old North Church American 5027.4371 ink on paper
Article on William R. Leigh's painting "Pocahontas" by Anne Heaton Perry for "The Grade Teacher" American 5027.730 ink on paper
Copies of magazine page "Frontiers of Enchantment Color Study for the Water Hole Group" Arthur A. Jansson (Artist) American 5067.4390 ink on paper
Article regarding Leigh's painting "Buffalo Drive" by Berkeley Williams, Jr. American 5317.244 ink on paper
Pink etched original cardboard of article "Westerns' for Ranch Houses" American 5327.1152 ink on cardboard
Copies of article text for advertisement for "Frontiers of Enchantment" American 5327.1157.11 ink on paper
Article for immediate release regarding Leigh's Retrospective Painting Exhibition in Maryland American 5327.277.1 ink on paper
Article for immediate release regarding Scroll Award presented to Leigh by the NY City Federation of Women's Clubs, Inc. American 5327.277.5 ink on paper
Article "Exhibition of Western Paintings by W. R. Leigh" at the Grand Central Art Galleries American 5327.277.6 ink on paper
Article torn from "Scribner's Magazine", "Double-Dealers in Art" by Thomas Craven American 5327.530 ink on paper
"Zuni Baking Day" William Robinson Leigh American 5327.534 ink on paper
"New York Mirror" newspaper article on William R. Leigh's painting "Pocahontas" American 4127.120 ink on paper
Article regarding Leigh's painting "Buffalo Hunt" on blue paper American 5327.535 ink on paper
"Sunday Times" newspaper article with photo of "The Baptism of Pocahontas" painting by John C. Chapman American 4127.531 ink on paper
Reprinted magazine article from "Town and Country Review" of Biographical Sketch of W. R. Leigh, "An Artist of Distinction" American 5377.270a ink on paper
"William H. Bonney (The Kid)" William Robinson Leigh American 4027.2508 ink on paper
Typed drafts of history and creation of "Pocahontas' painting by William R. Leigh American 4027.2510 ink on paper
Short article announcing Leigh as speaker at meeting for National Life Conservation Society, including a short biography and list of achievements American 4027.2551 ink on paper
Encyclopedia of American Biography" article on William Robinson Leigh American 4027.2563 ink on paper
"Why Did I Go To Africa?" William Robinson Leigh American 4027.351 ink on paper