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Object Type: Article

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Montana's Shameful Neglect American TU2009.39.8003 Paper
Studio American TU2009.39.3983 Paper
The Circus American TU2009.39.4034 Paper
Contest Riders American TU2009.39.4058.1-2 Paper
Charles M.Russell, The Cowboy Artist American TU2009.39.4122.1-3 Paper
'Early American Rifles De Luxe' American TU2009.39.8138.2-3 Paper
Twice Told Tales American TU2009.39.3995.1-3 Paper
Cascade American TU2009.39.4038.1-3 Paper
Cow Days are Changing American TU2009.39.4059.1-7 Paper
Charles M. Russell, The Cowboy Artist American TU2009.39.4123.1-3 Paper
Clipping Referring J. S. Holden Article Unknown Native American; Cherokee 3027.206 ink on paper