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Object Type: Article

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Winter American TU2009.39.4000.1-2 paper
Nature Lover American TU2009.39.4040 paper
John Matherson, Jerkline Man American TU2009.39.4056.1-3 paper
Article about Charles M. Russell's work American TU2009.39.4118 paper
Ellis Review American TU2009.39.8368 paper
Medicine Man American TU2009.39.4001.1-3 paper
Bull Head Lodge American TU2009.39.4041.1-9 paper
Story Teller American TU2009.39.4057.1-4 paper
From the Albertan American TU2009.39.4119.1-2 paper
Desert Books American TU2009.39.8371 paper
Longhand text of Article from National Intelligencer citing Commissioners action barring Chief John Ross. J. L. Hargett, Unidentified Native American, Cherokee 4027.1523-.1 ink on paper
Medicine Man American TU2009.39.4005.1-2 paper
Secrets of the Night American TU2009.39.4006.1-2 paper
Our First Real Money - Second Christmas American TU2009.39.4042.1-2 paper
Contest Riders American TU2009.39.4058.1-2 paper
From the Albertan American TU2009.39.4120 paper
The West at Its Best' Charles Marion Russell American TU2009.39.8372 paper
Newspaper Clipping William Krieghoff American TU2009.39.1636 paper
Secrets of the Night American TU2009.39.4007.1-2 paper
The Petition American TU2009.39.4043 paper