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Object Type: Basket

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Coiled basket tray with Navajo design Native American; Ute 71.110 grass
Coiled basket bowl with geometric designs Unknown Native American; Apache, Western (artist and user) 71.210 willow, devil's claw, cottonwood
Coiled basket bowl with geometric designs Native American; Papago 71.137 yucca, devil’s claw
Plain plaited basket Unknown Native American; Cherokee or Delaware (artist and user) 71.453 white oak
Coiled basket tray with various geometric designs Native American; Pima 71.195 devil’s claw, willow
Single walled plaited basket tray with double rim and aniline dye Unknown Native American; Choctaw 71.517 rivercane, aniline dye
Imbricated coiled basket Native American; Northwest Coast 71.341 cedar, grass
Large twill plaited river cane winnowing tray Unknown Native American; Muscogee (Creek) 71.520 river cane
Coiled basket and lid with animal and geometric designs Inuit-Munioagmut 71.494a-b lyme grass
Plain plaited basket Unknown Native American; Muscogee (Creek) 71.521 dogwood
Coiled basket with wooden lid shaped like a walrus head Inuit-Munioagmut 71.495a-b lyme grass, wood, ivory
Plain plaited split cane sifter basket tray Unknown Native American; Cherokee (artist and user) 71.522 river cane