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Object Type: Blanket

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Peyote blanket Unknown Native American; Osage 84.1154 wool, silk, glass, hide
Child's blanket with ribbonwork and beaded floral design Unknown Native American; possibly Osage (artist and user) 84.1155 wool, silk, glass
Woman's dance blanket made with blue broadcloth, ribbon, and brass bells Unknown Native American; possibly Osage (artist and user) 84.1156 wool, silk, cotton, brass
Friendship blanket made of blue broadcloth with ribbon work and yellow beaded appliqued hands Unknown Native American; Osage (artist and user) 84.1157 wool, silk, glass
Osage boy’s red wool blanket with polychrome ribbon work Unknown Native American; Osage 97.3 wool, rayon, silk
Wool Osage blanket Unknown Native American; Osage 97.4 wool
Ribbon dance blanket made of blue broadcloth with ribbon work, brass bells, appliqued hands in green silk with beads Unknown Native American; Osage (artist and user) 84.1153 wool, textile, silk, beads
Red blanket broad cloth with green tape edges Unknown, Emil William Lenders Native American; Osage 97.15 wool, dye
Native American Church yarn blanket manufactured in Mexico Unknown, Henry Haskell, Dudley Haskell Native American; Osage, Mexican 97.279 acrylic yarn
Wool blanket with silk applique ribbons sewn in with copper bells Unknown Native American; Osage 97.8 wool, dye, silk, cooper
Blanket with silk ribbon work Unknown, Ben Stone Native American; Osage 97.7 wool, silk, cotton
Osage blanket made of ribbon and wool with silver sequins and stripped ribbon work Unknown, Carol King Rachlin Native American; Osage 84.3235 wool, plastic, dye
Man’s red fulled wool blanket with beaded strip and hide tassels Unknown Native American; Cheyenne 97.13 wool, glass, hide, brass
Dark navy wool blanket with ribbonwork design and colorful beadwork Unknown, Ernest Emmett Thompson, Mary and Lawrence Bryan Native American; Kaw 84.3052 wool, hide, glass
Beaded blanket with ribbon decorations Unknown Native American; Potawatomi 97.11 wool, silk, glass
Fringed saddle blanket decorated with beadwork of pipes and bow and arrow Unknown Native American; Northern Arapaho 84.653 wool, hide, glass
White Native American Church summer blanket with purple trim Unknown, Dominic Daniels, Dominic Daniels Native American; Osage 94.36 cotton, silk
Woman's wearing blanket with ribbon work and four ribbon hands Unknown, Bob Block Native American; Osage 84.2960 wool, rayon, nickel silver, glass, cotton