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Object Type: Etching

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Bridge Over the Bushkill, Easton, Pa. Mary Nimmo Moran Scottish American 1426.71a etching on parchment paper
Maternity Eugene Fish Glaman American 14.303 etching on paper
Where through the Willows Creaking Loud, Is Heard the Busy Mill Mary Nimmo Moran Scottish American 1426.117A etching on wove paper
A Glimpse of Conway Mary Nimmo Moran Scottish American 1426.90A etching on paper
Robert E. Lee Jacques Reich Hungarian 1427.4 etching on paper
Under the Oaks - Georgica Pond Mary Nimmo Moran Scottish American 1426.123A etching on parchment paper
Patrick Henry Jacques Reich Hungarian 1427.5 etching on paper
Buffalo Woman Benjamin Harjo Jr. Native American: Shawnee, Seminole 14.811 etching on paper
Grandma Moran Jean Leon Gerome Ferris American 1426.325A etching on laid paper
Thomas Jefferson De Quevanillier French 15.1122 etching on wove paper
Aunt Inez Bobby C. Martin Native American; Muscogee-Creek 14.837 etching on paper
Ruth B. Moran Hamilton Hamilton English 1426.334 etching on parchment paper
The Half Dome - View from Moran Point (The South Dome - Yosemite Valley) Thomas Moran English American 1426.654 etching on Japanese rice paper
Superstition Mountain-Ariz. Albert Lorey Groll American 14.176 etching on paper
Self-Portrait Stephen James Ferris; , Stephen James Ferris Canadian 1426.343 etching on laid paper
Creacion Alfredo Zalce Mexican 1400.903 etching on paper
Giant Cactus, Ariz. Albert Lorey Groll American 14.177 etching on paper
Grinding Corn-Panama American TU2009.39.8129 ink on paper
Elizabeth Moran Ferris Stephen James Ferris Canadian 1426.366 etching on laid paper
Mallard Maurice R. Bebb American 14.849 etching on wove paper