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Object Type: Moccasins

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Beaded moccasins with blue and red geometric designs against a white background Unknown Native American; Cheyenne 84.284a-b leather, glass, sinew
Beaded child's high top moccasins with red and white beadwork Unknown Native American; Apache, Chiricahua (artist and user) 84.2371a-b hide, glass
Soft soled leather moccasins with deep red and green beadwork and extended cuff Unknown Native American; possibly Sac & Fox, Ojibwe or Cree 84.2393a-b hide, glass
Child's size beaded moccasins with hard soles Unknown Native American; possibly Arapaho 84.2576a-b leather, glass, sinew
Beaded moose hide mocassins Judy Coser Native American; Kickapoo 84.2967a-b beads, hide (moose), cloth tape, canvas
Plains style hide moccasins with canvas cuff and salt and pepper beaded design on the toe Unknown; , The Dallas Historical Society Native American; possibly Plains 84.3520a-b leather, canvas, glass, cotton, twine
Girl's beaded high top moccasins Unknown Native American; Cheyenne 84.436a-b hide, glass
Child's beaded hightop mocassins Unknown Native American; Cheyenne 84.437a-b hide, glass, metal
Beaded leather moccasins with hard sole and red, white, and yellow circular geometric design on toe Unknown Native American; possibly Cheyenne 84.3229a-b leather, glass, cotton
Women’s beaded leather high top moccasins Unknown Native American; Southern Plains 84.3060a-b hide, glass
Man’s fully beaded leather moccasins Unknown Native American; Cheyenne 84.293a-b hide, glass, sinew
Beaded leather moccasins with geometric design Steve and Tony Bolinger Native American; Osage 84.3418a-b hide, glass
Woman's high top moccasins with beaded designs and metal tacks Unknown Native American; possibly Comanche 84.450a-b hide, glass, silver
Hard soled leather moccasins with beadwork and metal cones on the vamp Unknown Native American; possibly Apache or Arapaho (artist and user) 84.2609a-b hide, glass, metal
Leather moccasins with cuffs and yarn trim Unknown Native American; possibly Ojibwe or Potawatomi 84.276a-b hide, yarn
Women's high top moccasins with white and blue beading and brass studs Unknown Native American; Comanche 84.451a-b hide, glass, brass
High top moccasins with fringe, brass studs, and blue beaded edged moccasins Unknown Native American; Kiowa (artist and user) 84.452a-b hide, glass, metal
Leather moccasins with quilled vamp and beaded border Unknown Native American; possibly Cheyenne 84.382a-b hide, quill, glass
Yellow and red painted high top moccasins with metal studs Unknown Native American; Arapaho 84.434a-b hide, glass, paint
Leather high top moccasins with multi colored beaded edging Unknown Native American; Kiowa 84.441a-b hide, glass, metal