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Object Type: Oil Painting

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Shoshone Falls on the Snake River Thomas Moran American 01.2339 oil on canvas
Fording the Stream Henry François Farny American 01.1224 oil on canvas
Harbor Scene Edward Moran American 01.2471 oil on canvas
Thomas Moran John Whittemore William 01.1192 Oil on wood panel
Old Spanish Houses Ernest Martin Hennings American 01.549 oil on canvas
Black Hills, Colorado Albert Bierstadt American 01.28 oil on paper
Camp (with man and woman) Albert Bierstadt American 01.27 oil on paper
For Sunday Dinner John Frederick Peto American 01.2573 oil on canvas
Oakland, California Albert Bierstadt American 01.24 oil on paper
Eh-toh'k-pah-she-pee-shah, the Black Moccasin George Catlin American 01.2179 oil on canvas probably
Ojibway Indians Killing Musk-Rats in the Wild Rice Meadows George Catlin American 01.2154 oil on canvas
A Band of Elks Crossing the Missouri George Catlin American 01.2145 oil on canvas
Assiniboine Indians Encamping at Sunset George Catlin American 01.2142 oil on canvas
Sanford's Bluff George Catlin American 01.2135 oil on canvas
Grassy Bluffs on the Upper Mississippi George Catlin American 01.2118 oil on canvas
View of Cassville on the Upper Mississippi George Catlin American 01.2117 oil on canvas
Grassy Bluffs George Catlin American 01.2112 oil on canvas
Wind River Mountains, Nebraska Albert Bierstadt American 01.20 oil on paper
Comas, a Ute Indian Paul Nimmo Moran 01.1863 Oil on canvas
Lake George Homer Dodge Martin American 01.1216 oil on canvas