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Object Type: Watercolor Painting

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Indian Male Hau Kei Native American 02.172 watercolor on matboard
Chief Hollow Horn Bear Preston Fitzgerald American 02.1002 watercolor on paper
Mexican Costumes #4 Brambila 02.1735 watercolor
The Strong Wind, Ojibheway War Chief Louisa Corbaux British 02.668 watercolor on paper
Watching Big Horn Velino Shije Herrera Native American; Zia Pueblo 02.228 watercolor
Chief Bearfoot Preston Fitzgerald American 02.1003 watercolor on paper
Mexican Costumes #7 Brambila 02.1738 watercolor
Nebet New Quah, Ojibbeway - Wife of Sahma - Age 23 Louisa Corbaux British 02.669 watercolor on paper
Indian Family Hau Kei Native American 02.546 watercolor on matboard
Thayendanega Preston Fitzgerald American 02.1004 watercolor on paper
Mexican Costumes #6 Brambila 02.1737 watercolor
Portrait of Sahma (an Ojibbeway Youth - Age 23) Louisa Corbaux British 02.670 watercolor on paper
Grass Dancer Jack Hokeah Native American; Kiowa 02.551 watercolor on paper
Noon Meal after Peyote Meeting Frank Knickerbocker Native American; Otoe-Missouria 02.103 watercolor on paper
New Orleans Cemetary I W. L. Atkinson 02.684 watercolor
We Nish Ka We Bee, Flying Gull Fanny Corbaux British 02.671 watercolor on paper
Horse and Rider Hau Kei Native American 02.558 watercolor on paper
Indian Dancer Jerome Hummingbird Native American; Kiowa, Northern Cheyenne 02.173 watercolor on paper
New Orleans Cemetary II W. L. Atkinson 02.685 watercolor
Nib Nab E Qua (Child) Louisa Corbaux British 02.672 watercolor on paper