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America Septentrionalis / American


This map depicts North, Central, and South America with California detached from the mainland.Scope and Contents note on Cartobibliography Form: "Other Significant Characteristics: (in Jansson's [underlined] Novus Atlas, sive theatrum orbis terrarum. 1646-49, vol. 3, pt. 2, no. 20"; "Other Information: H 1653 on verson along with page numbers 4 & 41. Mended by scotch tape on right edge, lower center and left center bottom 2 inch portions of map. This is earliest map showing the North America separately to be included in an atlas, Showing California as an island, it is based on the Briggs model of 1625. Map was reissued from the 1656 plate".

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America Septentrionalis; North America
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Map 15; 3976.608
Inscribed in type in Latin, "California, a prioribus Geographis semper habita suit quedam para Contineus atcepts per Hollandes ab Hispanis tabula quaedam Geographica compertum essinsulam ebe et continers ubi larissima est geo leucas A. Cap. Mendecino nero nsq, ad C.S. Luce repertum est teslibus tabula predicta et Francisco Caule estendi in longitudinem [1700] leucarum" along left middle on recto; Inscribed in type in Latin, "S Thomas Button bybernans in porto Nelson ad altitudinen grad 37 absernavit singulia 12 horis es um maris accrescere 13 pedes sut ultra qui flante zephyro solito magisinslar quoq ad altitud grad 60 soniles ae slus maris qui nune Orientem versus nune Occidentem vergelant" in middle on recto; Inscribed in type in Latin, "Annotationes in James Bay, delectum a cap Thoma Jacobe Anglo [1631] in quo etiam hybernavit: 1 Lord Weslans Ile 2 Sir Thomas Regs Ile 3 Charlton Ile 4 Danby Ile 5 Caryes Ile" in middle on recto; Inscribed in type in Latin, "In Sinu Maris Hudsons Bay volge dictus ubi M Husdon hybernavit thidem maris aeslus non ultra dues pedes accrecebat quod et obsernavit D Thomas Iacobus As [1631] in sinu James bis Bay dictus ubi mensuram disrum pedam non excedebat maris tumor" in middle on recto; Inscribed in type in Latin, "Amstelodami Excudit Ioannes Ianbonius" in bottom left on recto; Inscribed in pencil, "US-2" in top left on recto; Inscribed in pencil, "Map. 15 3976.608" in bottom right on verso; Inscribed in black ink, "H 1653" on white sticker in bottom right on verso.
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