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Moundville Engraved Bottle / Southeast, Mississippian


Jar -- Large engraved bottle of dark gray ware with inward sloping neck; body decorated with engraved scroll designs forming four swastikas at depressed junctions; much cross hatch work.

Walls Engraved on Bell Plain pottery type -- Walls Engraved pottery is a technique of fine, shallow linear design, often with cross-hatching and spiral patterns. Engraving was performed after the vessel was fired. Bell Plain is prevalent at sites along the Mississippi River in Arkansas. It has finely crushed shell temper, a well-polished to highly polished surface, and varies in color from shades of gray to buff to orange (pp 10-13 and 34, Hathcock, Roy, Ancient Indian Pottery of the Mississippi River Valley, 1976, Hurley Press, Inc., Camden Arkansas).

Curatorial Remarks

Moundville Engraved (Steponaitis 1983:54-57) bottle with direct rim and beveled lip. Vertical neck and ovoid body with four circular dentations with engraved three-armed swirling swastikas with cross-hatching connected by concentric scrolls with cross-hatched triangles as background. Footed circular base with notching. 10YR 4/1 Dark Gray.

Steponaitis, Vincas P. Ceramics, Chronology, and Community Patterns: An Archaeological Study at Moundville. Tuscaloosa, AL: University of Alabama Press, 1983.

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Moundville Engraved Bottle; Large engraved bottle with inward sloping neck
Southeast, Mississippian
900-1600 CE
Mississippi county, Arkansas
Clay, mica, engraved, notching
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