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Plain plaited basket / Unknown


Utilitarian split dogwood shoot used for sifting. No decoration.

Southeastern basketry is characterized by bright, bold colors and designs. Baskets from the different tribes of the region are often similar, which suggests some uniformity of styles throughout the region. The region, however, can be divided into two distinct styles: the Southeast Periphery, which borders the region and was more influenced by other regions, including the Plains, and the Southeast Heartland. Twill plaiting and plain plaiting are the most common methods to weaving used throughout the Southeast, though other methods, including coiling are also used (Turnbaugh and Turnbaugh 1986, 98-109). This is a reference image scanned from an older transparency.

Curatorial Remarks

Well-used river cane, plain plated, sifter basket with braided rim. This basket is not made of dogwood soot; it's made from river cane. Twisted double split or braid on rim in the inside of the basket for re-enforcement. The Cherokee used this style later in the 19th century, but it is common among the Creek. The basket was not stained.

Tags: river cane, sifter basket, plain plaited, braided rim
People: Muscogee (Creek)
Places: Oklahoma
Purpose: domestic use

From interviews with Dr. Garrick Bailey, 2018-2020 University of Tulsa, Professor Emeritus of Anthropology

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Plain plaited basket
Native American; Muscogee (Creek)
late 19th - early 20th century
Oklahoma, United States of America
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