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Beaded moose hide mocassins / Judy Coser


Soft soled woodland-style moccasins with ankle flaps. The moccasins are made of native tanned moose hide smoked brown on the outside and left white inside. A single seam runs down the front center of the foot and a second seam runs up the back vertically at the heel. The flaps fold down on either side of the ankle. They are split at the heel and cant forward at the left and right front. Three beaded panels attach to each moccasin. One on each flap and one on the top of the foot (covering the center seam). These are stitched on heavy canvas. The flap panels are bound in black cloth tape. The inside panel features a (red and orange) floral design on a green field. The outside flap features a geometric pattern of red ovals with white center set in rows and separated with solid red lines. The foot features a green field and a multicolored ribbon work pattern down the seam (red, blue, orange, and light green). All of the beads are cut, except the white beads. All of the beadwork panels are attached to the moccasins with heavy thread.

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Beaded moose hide mocassins
Judy Coser (Artist)
Native American; Kickapoo
beads, hide (moose), cloth tape, canvas
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