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Wool bandolier bag with floral appliqued beadwork and red wool fringe / Judy Coser


A man's shoulder bag decorated with applique beadwork. The bag is a flat envelope of dark wool, bound in red cloth binding. The front flap is triangular shaped. The bottom edge is decorated with red yarn tassels suspended on a short string of beads. The inside is lined with cotton cloth. The dark wool strap is a long rectangular strip with three fingers at each end. Just above these fingers on the inside of the strap, the upper corners of the pouch attach to the edges of the strap. Red yarn tassels attach at the end of each finger. The strap is bound in red cloth binding. The beadwork is appliqued in a wide range of colors, all in fine seed beads. The designs on the front and the back of the strap are distinct from one another in style. One side has a long linked design in blue and white, while the other side of the strap and the pouch feature abstract floral designs. A red and white design like chain links decorates the fingers on each end of the strap.

Curatorial Remarks

The three points on the end of the shoulder strap is a possible feature of Southeastern bandolier bags. These emulate the ammunition bags that European soldiers carried. The isolated design patterns on the strap are diagnostic of Southeastern woodland groups.
Tags: bandolier bag
People: Kickapoo, Muscogee (Creek)
Places: Southeast
Purpose: domestic use, ceremonial use, formal attire

From interviews with Dr. Garrick Bailey, 2018-2020 University of Tulsa, Professor Emeritus of Anthropology

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Wool bandolier bag with floral appliqued beadwork and red wool fringe
Judy Coser (Artist)
Native American; Kickapoo, Muscogee (Creek)
wool, cloth, glass beads, thread, binding
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