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Beaded leather awl case with geometric design / Unknown


Beaded hide awl case decorated on the front with a white beaded background in the top two thirds and a yellow beaded background in the bottom third. On the white background there is a geometric beaded design in blue and red. This is geometric design is made of a horizontal line spanning the width of the case with a smaller horizontal line attached from above with a vertical line. There is a triangle descending from each end of the long horizontal line. This design is shown twice with the one lower down being smaller. The flap has a blue and red line design and there is a row of three blue triangles where the flap meets the body. The bottom third of the main body has a beaded yellow background with blue beads in a pattern that appears to be an "m" above a "v." Attached to the bottom of the body there is a triangular shaped piece of hide with a red and white beaded stepped design. There are two strands of yellow beads attached to each bottom corner. There is yellow beading outlining the edges of the awl. There is a single hide tie on the bottom edge of the flap and two leather ties attached at the top of the back.

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Beaded leather awl case with geometric design
Native American; possibly Cheyenne
20th century
rawhide, semi-tanned hide, sinew, glass beads
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8426.725; 22290
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