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Woven dance belt with fringe done in commercial yarn colored in red, black, teal, maroon, and blue / Jonny Hawk


Stomp dance sash with two identical loom-woven panels joined at one end with three 4-ply braids. The unjoined ends of the panel each end with two 4-ply bands. All (7) braids end with large tassels added separately. The panels are identical in design and symmetrical on both sides. Main colors are maroon, powder blue, and blue-green (edge to center). Center blue-green section has design of red and black in repeating two row design. Joined end of panels has two braids of maroon, powder blue, and blue-green, one braid has a maroon tassel, the other has a powder blue tassel. The third braid is of red, black, and blue-green with a red tassel. Unjoined panel ends each have two braids; all four are identical in maroon, powder-blue, blue-green and red/black combined. Tassels' colors are re, black, maroon, and powder blue. Tassels are of bunched yarn added separately to each braid. When worn around the waist, the two pairs of end tassels are tied together to close the belt at the side. This results in yarn tassels (3 on one side, 4 on the other) hanging from both sides of the waist. Such belts are worn by both men and women during stomp dances and other Woodland dances in Oklahoma, particularly by the Creek, Euchee (Yuchi), Seminole, and Shawnee.

Curatorial Remarks

This belt has a scalloped edge created with a thread strung along the edge. The thread that creates this edge is usually used to add beads along the sides.

Karen Berry, Cherokee artist, 2019.

This is a stomp dance belt worn by an individual. It appears to have been woven on a loom of some type. The yarn work is very even.

Tags: commercial yarn, maroon, teal, red, black, fringe, dance belt
People: Muscogee (Creek), Jonny Hawk
Places: Southeastern Oklahoma
Purpose: ceremonial events, dance, stomp dances

From interviews with Dr. Garrick Bailey, 2018-2020 University of Tulsa, Professor Emeritus of Anthropology

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Woven dance belt with fringe done in commercial yarn colored in red, black, teal, maroon, and blue
Jonny Hawk (Artist)
Native American; Muscogee (Creek)
Eastern Oklahoma, Oklahoma
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