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Tags: aboriginal peoples

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Peace treaty between the king of Spain, the Chicacha, and the Chacta Unknown Spanish, Native American; Chickasaw, Choctaw 4916.428 ink on paper
Authorized copy of B. V. Cummins’ manuscript on the Kiowa-Comanche-Apache Reservation in Oklahoma Territory B. V. Cummins American 4027.5900 ink on paper
A notebook listing disbursements, some of which are to Native Americans American 3626.152 ink on paper
Copy of an interview of a Mataugwesauwack Indian American 4026.5927 ink on paper
Letter from G. Saltonstall requesting a missionary be sent to instruct the Mohegans in the Christian religion G. Saltonstall American 4026.8351 ink on paper
Typescript of Winthrop Sargent’s account of Native American raids in the Northwest Territory in 1791 Winthrop Sargent American 4026.8353 ink on paper
Report from a meeting of the Commissioners for Managing Indian Affairs American 4026.5899 ink on paper
A Savage Feast Charles Banks Wilson American 13.2183 ink on paper
C. T. Wells’ account of a trip from Mulberry, Arkansas to Arkansas City, Kansas C. T. Wells American 4026.8414 ink on paper
Eskimo Skirmish Charles Banks Wilson American 13.2164 ink on paper
Discovery of Lake Champlain Charles Banks Wilson American 13.2189 ink and pen on paper
Battle plan to attack Iroquois village Charles Banks Wilson American 13.2192 ink on paper
Battle at Lake Champlain Charles Banks Wilson American 13.2184 ink on paper
Relation du Voyage faict en l’annee 1645 au Nom du Roy au pays des Algoumequins dans la Nouvelle France ou Canada, et de la manière de vivre des Sauvages French 4026.5259 ink on paper
Canadian Indians and Artist Peter Rindisbacher Swiss 0226.1341 watercolor on paper
Soft soled leather moccasins with quill work in a floral and geometric pattern on the cuff and vamp of the shoe Native American; possibly Huron 84.274a-b leather, quills, cotton cloth, cotton string, natural dyes
Letter from Thomas L. McKenney to Charles Hicks Thomas L. McKenney American 4026.30-.1 ink on paper