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Tags: American Revolution (event)

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Benjamin Franklin's Reception W. O. Geller British 1526.111 hand-colored engraving on paper
Surrender of Lord Cornwallis, at Yorktown, VA. Oct. 19th 1781 D.C. Hinman American 1526.696 engraving on paper
Washington and Lafayette at the Battle of Brandywine John Vanderlyn American 0126.1018 oil on canvas
George Washington's speech to Delaware Delegates regarding a proposed memorial to Congress American 4026.8413 ink on paper
William Temple Franklin Mather Brown American 01.1016 oil on canvas
George Washington Rembrandt Peale American 01.1005 oil on canvas
Portrait of George Washington Charles Willson Peale American 0126.1013 oil on canvas
General Lafayette Jean-Antoine Houdon French 0976.3 Seravezza marble
The State House in Philadelphia, 1778 (Independence Hall) Illman Brothers; , Charles Willson Peale; , Unknown American 1526.1024 engraving on paper
Benjamin Franklin Hiram Powers American 0926.6 marble
Letter from Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson American 3826.71 ink on paper
Articles of Confederation 1777 American 4026.899 ink on paper
Declaration of Independence 1777 American 4026.901 ink on paper
Paul Revere Certification 1775 American 4026.900 ink on paper
James Madison Charles Willson Peale American 01.1006 oil on canvas
George Washington Jean-Antoine Houdon French 0976.4 Seravezza marble
Portrait of John Rowe Robert Feke American 01.1003 oil on canvas