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Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Interior of Charles M. Russell's Studio Unknown American TU2009.39.6335a-b gelatin silver process
From S. G. Schaudies to Nancy C. Russell S. G. Schaudies; , Nancy C. Russell American TU2009.39.1460.1-6 ink on paper
Charles M. Russell American TU2009.39.5864a gelatin silver process
From Nancy C. Russell to W. T. Taylor Nancy C. Russell; , W. T. Taylor American TU2009.39.1123 ink on paper
Newspaper with three reproductions of paintings by Charles M. Russell Charles Marion Russell American TU2009.39.5319 paper
Act Fixing Compensation of Officers of the Nation William Shorey Coodey Native American; Cherokee 4026.851-.1 ink on paper
Helen Britzman American TU2009.39.6106 gelatin silver process
Jake Hoover American TU2009.39.4055.1-2 Paper
Incomplete and Unsigned Draft of Letter from Chief John Ross to Secretary of War Joel R. Poinsett Chief John Ross Native American; Cherokee 4026.532-.1 ink on paper
Letter from C.H. Ferris to Charles M. Russell American TU2009.39.4786 paper
Charles M. Russell Unknown American TU2009.39.274.1a gelatin silver process
Letter from Commissioner of Indian Affairs William P. Dole to Chief John Ross William P. Dole American 4026.1463 ink on paper
From Con Price to Homer E. Britzman American TU2009.39.4384 paper
Two Children Unknown American TU2009.39.266.61 gelatin silver process
Claim of Thomas L. Rogers for Improvements Unknown Native American; Cherokee 4026.1107 ink on paper
From W. A. Plummer to Nancy C. Russell American TU2009.39.3596 paper
Charles M. Russell and Isabel Russell in Indian Costumes Unknown American TU2009.39.7651.124 gelatin silver process
From Mary Pickford to Nancy C. Russell Mary Pickford; , Nancy C. Russell American TU2009.39.1694 ink on paper
From H.E. Maule to Nancy C. Russell Harry E. Maule; , Nancy C. Russell American TU2009.39.3209 paper
From Nancy C. Russell to Wade H. George Nancy C. Russell; , Wade H. George American TU2009.39.904 ink on paper