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Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
From Charles M. Russell to Nancy C. Russell Charles Marion Russell; , Nancy C. Russell American TU2009.39.8220 paper
Letter from Nancy C. Russell to Calvin E. Hubbard Nancy C. Russell; , Calvin E. Hubbard American TU2009.39.3427 paper
World Famed Cowboy Artist Answers Final Summons In Montana; Russell is Dead American TU2009.39.5229 paper
'The Coming of the White Man' Charles Marion Russell American TU2009.39.8271 Paper
From Nancy C. Russell to William Hart Nancy C. Russell; , William S. Hart American TU2009.39.3046 ink on paper
From Ruth Hall to Nancy C. Russell Ruth Hall; , Nancy C. Russell American TU2009.39.3135 paper
Calm River Unknown American TU2009.39.7651.106 gelatin silver process
Letter from F.M. Leake to Hicks & O'Donnell F. M. Leake American TU2009.39.2696 ink on paper
Man on Street Unknown American TU2009.39.7586a-b gelatin silver process
From Homer Britzman to James B. Rankin Homer E. Britzman; , James B. Rankin American TU2009.39.2413 ink on paper
Young Boy Sitting in Sand Unknown American TU2009.39.269.2 gelatin silver process
Stagecoach back Unknown American TU2009.39.7076a-b gelatin silver process
From Edward Albright to Nancy C. Russell Edward L. Albright; , Nancy C. Russell American TU2009.39.1993 ink on paper
From Grand Central Art Galleries to Nancy C. Russell Nancy C. Russell American TU2009.39.2543 ink on paper
Range Father Unknown American TU2009.39.6528c gelatin silver process
From Nancy C. Russell to John B. Ritch Nancy C. Russell; , John B. Ritch American TU2009.39.1578 ink on paper
Lewis and Clark and Sacajawea Bronze Unknown American TU2009.39.6913.4 gelatin silver process
Group of People American TU2009.39.6045a gelatin silver process
From Nancy C. Russell to Mr. Harry Carr Nancy C. Russell; , Harry Carr American TU2009.39.1226 ink on paper
Letter to C. A. Beil Nancy C. Russell; , Charles A. Beil American TU2009.39.926 ink on paper