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Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Trapper's Bride Alfred Jacob Miller American 02.1063 watercolor
The War Canoe Alfred Jacob Miller American 01.2405 oil
Trappers Starting for the Beaver Hunt Alfred Jacob Miller American 01.2403 oil
Indians on War Path Alfred Jacob Miller American 01.2411 oil
Ceremonial Song Lesson, Taos Joseph Henry Sharp American 01.317 oil on canvas
Man on the clouds Unknown Native American; Cheyenne 4326.3786a-o
Arrows and Thistles Unknown Native American; Cherokee 4327.3666
Short Teeth, Jr. Christopher Charles Stotz Native American; Cheyenne 4327.3810
Unidentified Apache man with Bow Unknown Native American; Apache 4326.3571
Creek Man Shooting Wild Turkeys Acee Blue Eagle Native American; Creek, Pawnee 0227.454 tempera on paper
Capt John Smith and Party Landing at Jamestown May 14, 1607 John Mix Stanley American 0126.1145 oil on canvas
Watching American Fur Co. boats - Nebraska River Alfred Jacob Miller American 02.1027 watercolor
Sacred Rain Arrow Allan C. Houser Native American; Chiricahua Apache 0827.185 bronze
Indian Hunter with Dog Paul Manship American 0827.60 bronze
Observing the Enemy Jerome Tiger Native American; Creek, Seminole 02.1994 tempera on paper
Hiawatha Hunting Thomas Moran English American 02.907 ink wash on paper
Hiawatha & the Serpents Thomas Moran English American 02.908 ink wash on paper
Elk Hunt---Pawnees Alfred Jacob Miller American 02.1077 watercolor on paper
The Attack W. Richard West Native America; Cheyenne, Southern Cheyenne 0227.524 tempera on paper
Moving Camp Olaf Carl Seltzer American 0137.770 oil on board