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Tags: Art

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Cumberland projectile point Northeast, Archaic 61.18099 Stone
Triangular shaped dart point with a contracting stem Southeast, Woodland 61.11985 Stone
Hand-tooled silver cigarette box with kachina figure inlaid on top Native American; Zuni 84.2015 silver, turquoise, jet, mother of pearl, coral
Papoose in Cradleboard Charles Marion Russell American TU2009.39.725 Pencil on paper
Untyped stone projectile point Unknown 61.7605 Stone
Chert Clovis projectile point Northeast, Paleoindian 61.7074 Chert
Waubesa projectile point Southeast, Hopewell 61.13473 Stone
Polychrome ceramic human effigy rattle Mesoamerican; Mayan 54.3838 clay
Fresno projectile point Mississippian 61.14926 Stone
Stone Montell projectile point Woodland 61.11635 Stone