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Tags: beading

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Hide bag with beaded designs in red, white, blue, and yellow with fringe Unknown Native American; Apache, Chiricahua or Western (artist and user) 84.2385 hide (elk), glass
Beaded strip with beaded geometric design in red, white, green and blue Unknown Native American 84.3538 hide, glass
Beaded partial watch FOB Unknown Native American 84.2856 leather, glass, cotton
Black cloth dance sash backed on leather strip with ribbon trim and beads Mavis Steve Native American; Choctaw 84.2893 wool, hide, glass, silk
Boys' leggings made of hide with green paint and beadwork Unknown Native American; Pawnee 84.1780a-b hide, glass, metal
Leather horse hood cover with quillwork, fringe, metal, and yellow feathers Unknown Native American; Cheyenne; possibly Northern (artist and user) 84.1788 hide, glass, quills (porcupine), metal, horsehair, dye
Black and white beaded choker Unknown Native American; Sac & Fox 57.2 glass
Beaded bag of white beads Mariana Wallrabenstein (Collector) Native American; Potawatomi 57.121 glass
Beaded bag of pink and blue glass beads Unknown Native American; Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) or Menominee (artist and user) 57.65 glass, hide, cotton
Beaded bag of pink, grey, and white beads with handle and fringe Mariana Wallrabenstein (Collector) Native American; Haudenosaunee (Iroquois), Menominee, or Potawatomi (artist and user) 57.69 glass, cotton
Bandolier bag with loom beading and overlay stitch beading with floral and geometric designs Unknown Native American; Potawatomi 84.1713a-b glass, cotton, velvet, wool
Bandolier bag with loom beading and plant designs Unknown Native American; Delaware, Ho-Chunk, or Potawatomi (artist and user) 84.1722 glass, cotton, velvet, wool
Hide shirt with beaded geometric designs and fringe Unknown Native American; Plains 84.1772 hide, glass
Men's leggings with twisted fringe and red pigment Unknown Native American; Southern Plains, possibly Kiowa or Comanche 84.1740a-b hide, glass, pigment
Yellow and red painted high top moccasins with metal studs Unknown Native American; Arapaho 84.434a-b hide, glass, paint
Leather high top moccasins with red and yellow pigment beaded designs Unknown Native American; possibly Kiowa 84.447a-b glass, hide, pigment, silver
High top moccasins with fringe, brass studs, and blue beaded edged moccasins Unknown Native American; Kiowa (artist and user) 84.452a-b hide, glass, metal
Leather moccasins with blue beaded field and geometric designs around perimeter Unknown Native American; possibly Cheyenne or Arapaho 84.408a-b hide, glass, sinew
Beaded wrist cuffs with geometric design in red, white, blue and brown Unknown; , Mary and Lawrence Bryan; , Ernest Emmett Thompson Native American; Kaw 84.3033a-b hide, glass, metal, cotton
Otter fur dance tail with beaded medallions backed on feathers Unknown Native American; Kaw 85.106 fur (otter), cloth, hide, glass, feathers