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Tags: blue

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Fingerwoven sash of maroon and blue with fringe and beadwork Unknown; , Ty Stewart; , Bill Wabaunsee Native American; Osage 97.192a-b wool, glass
Beaded hide cradle hood with circular shape in center Unknown Native American; Arapaho 84.740 hide, glass
Cotton patchwork child's apron Unknown Native American; Seminole 99.194 cotton
Beaded belt with two buckles Unknown Native American 84.879 hide, glass, metal
Silk scarf with floral pattern and blue trim Unknown Native American 99.19 silk
Beaded arm bands with geometric design in red, blue, yellow and white Unknown Native American 84.882a-b glass, hide, metal
Man's vest with alternate twisted silk ribbon work Julia Winningham Native American; Euchee 99.200 cotton, silk
Beaded gauntlets with geometric design in red, blue, yellow, white and black Unknown Native American 84.888a-b hide, glass, buckskin
Woman's red Euchee dress with floral patterns Julia Winningham Native American; Euchee 99.204 cotton
Wooden pipe cleaner with quillwork Unknown Native American; Plains 84.821 wood, metal, quill, rawhide
Beaded wool leggings with satin edging for a boy's dance outfit Julia Pipestem; , Harry Roy Red Eagle; , Gregory Perino Native American; Otoe-Missouria (artist), Osage (user) 84.829a-b wool, rayon, glass
Blue silk ribbon shaped into a bow Unknown; , Dominic Daniels; , Dominic Daniels Native American; Osage 99.70 dyed silk
Red and blue beaded eagle claw necklace Unknown Native American 84.893 claws (eagle), glass
Beaded strips on canvas with wool balls on the ends Unknown Native American; Osage and Ponca (artist and user) 84.881a-b cotton, wool, glass
Miniature leather moccasins with beadwork Unknown Native American; Plains 84.929a-b hide, glass
Red and blue hair bone pipe necklace with leather spacers Unknown Native American 84.884 hide, glass
Beaded buckskin pouch with long flap Unknown Native American; Apache, Chiricahua (artist and user) 84.930 buckskin, glass
Red and blue hair bone pipe necklace with leather spacers Unknown Native American 84.887 hide, glass
Miniature leather tipi with painted blue designs on a square wooden base Unknown Native American; Plains 84.933 hide, wood, pigment
Beaded hide pipe bag with blue dyed fringe Unknown Native American; Cheyenne 84.549 brass, silver, dye, hide, glass