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Tags: bow

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Dog Soldier's Challenge W. Richard West Native American; Southern Cheyenne 02.2112 Gouache on board
Carved wooden bow Unknown Native American; Plains 84.1895b wood
Carved wooden bow with blue, gold, clear, and green beading Unknown Native American 84.932 wood, glass, thread, cotton
Carved wooden Bois d'arc bow Blas Placidio Native American; Kiowa 84.3118 wood, hide (raw), horsehair
Wooden arrow with stone projectile point Unknown Native American 62.110a wood, stone, feather
Partially stained red and black bow with some sinew wrap Unknown Native American; possibly Apache (artist and user) 73.205 wood, sinew
Carved wooden bow Unknown Native American; Apache, possibly Chiricahua (artist and user) 73.284 wood
Carved wooden Bois d' Arc bow Phil Cross Native American; Caddo 84.3529a wood (Bois d' Arc), hide (deer)
Fringed saddle blanket decorated with beadwork of pipes and bow and arrow Unknown Native American; Northern Arapaho 84.653 wool, hide, glass
Black and white photograph of a woman with a bow in her hair Unknown, Dominic Daniels, Dominic Daniels Native American; Osage (user) 77.32 paper, ink
Wooden bow with string attached Unknown Native American; possibly Cherokee (artist and user) 73.283 wood, sinew
America Septentrionalis American 39.608
Carved wooden bow Yellow Wolf Native American; Cherokee (artist and user) 73.204 wood
Hair bow and clip with woven designs and metal thunderbird Unknown Native American; Euchee 84.3547 cloth, metal, hide, plastic
Minne-Ha Ha Seth Eastman American 01.1121 oil on board
Indian Boy Olaf Carl Seltzer American 0237.1262a-b watercolor on paper and mat board
Indian Raiders Alex Concha Native American; Taos 02.59 tempera
Buffalo Hunt Percy Tsisete Sandy Native American; Zuni 02.219 tempera on paper
Kachina Dancer Harold Timeche Native American; Hopi 02.274 gouache, watercolor and graphite on paper
The Buffalo Dancer Velino Shije Herrera Native American; Zia Pueblo 02.79 tempera