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Tags: bow

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Unidentified Sioux Unknown Native American; Sioux 4326.4625
Augustine Jicarilla, Apache Chief Jess Vincent Native American; Apache 4326.3575a-c
Kiowa Boys Unknown Native American; Kiowa 4326.4079 gelatin silver process
Kiowa brave in war dress Unknown Native American; Kiowa 4326.4078 gelatin silver process
Elk Tongue and daughter Akea or A Nice Walk Unknown Native American; Kiowa 4326.4044 gelatin silver process
Possibly Chief Heidsieck Unknown Native American; Kiowa 4326.4046
Short Teeth, Jr. Christopher Charles Stotz Native American; Cheyenne 4327.3810
Unidentified Apache man with Bow Unknown Native American; Apache 4326.3571
The Three Scouts Quincy Tahoma Native American; Navajo (Diné) 02.410 tempera on paper
Creek Man Shooting Wild Turkeys Acee Blue Eagle Native American; Muscogee (Creek), Pawnee 02.454 tempera on paper
Buffalo Hunt John Mix Stanley American 01.1150 oil on canvas
Capt John Smith and Party Landing at Jamestown May 14, 1607 John Mix Stanley American 0126.1145 oil on canvas
Lewis Anderson Ross John Mix Stanley American 0126.1144 oil on canvas
The Buffalo Hunt Charles Marion Russell, Roman Bronze Works, Dr. Philip G. Cole Collection American 0837.12 lost-wax cast in bronze
Bow drill with scrimshaw decoration Arctic, Inuit 83.1147 Ivory
Sentinel Woodrow Wilson Crumbo Native American; Citizen Potawatomi 13.293 ink and wash on paper
Clay "elbow" style pipe made for trade with a human effigy on bowl European 54.4518 clay
Ivory drill bow with scrimshawed design Arctic, Inuit 83.1399 Ivory, Leather
Small clay "elbow" style pipe made for trade with a human effigy on bowl European 54.4522 clay
Curved bow strung with twisted sinew Native American; Plains 73.207 wood, sinew, pigment, horse hair, cotton string