Tags: Buffalo

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Indian Artifacts/Clothing Emil William Lenders American 1827.24.41 watercolor and pencil on paper
Buffalo Hunt Unknown American TU2009.39.259.40 gelatin silver process
Square piece of "CMR" paper American TU2009.39.245 paper
Letter to Mr. F. S. Barde in Guthrie, Oklahoma from Geo L. Miller American 3827.8233a ink on paper
Pipe bowl Native American; Sioux 6126.6780 catlinite (red steatite or pipestone), wood
Copy of letter from Secretary of War J. H. Eaton to Colonel Ward J. H. Eaton American 4026.77-.9 ink on paper
Buffaloes George Catlin American 0176.2172 oil on canvas
Buffalo Sculpture Unknown American TU2009.39.6578.2 gelatin silver process
Buffalo Herd Unknown American TU2009.39.7489 gelatin silver process
Printing block with a buffalo skull American TU2009.39.138a lead, copper, ink residue
The Hide Hunters Olaf Carl Seltzer American 0137.810 oil on board
Buffalo Family Unknown American TU2009.39.6873a-b gelatin silver process
Buffalo Unknown American TU2009.39.7652.95 gelatin silver process
'Making a Wallow' Unknown American TU2009. gelatin silver process
Buffalo Head Alfred Jacob Miller American 02.1114 watercolor on paper
Herding Buffalo Unknown American TU2009.39.7397.1a-b gelatin silver process
Article Illustration Charles Marion Russell; , Unknown American TU2009.39.8017 Paper
Meat for the Wild Men Unknown American TU2009.39.267.9 gelatin silver process
Book Illustration 19 Woodrow Wilson Crumbo Native American; Creek, Potawatomi 13.323 ink and wash on paper
How the Boy Medicine Came to the Kiowas Jimalee Chitwood Burton Native American; Cherokee 0127.1938 oil on canvas