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Tags: Chiefs

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
From Joe DeYong to W.W. Joseph Franklin de Yong American TU2009.39.2010.1-2 ink on paper
George Washington Season peace medal with "Animal Husbandry" scene United States 60.156 silver
Letter from James Barbour to Creek Nation James Barbour American 4026.3045 ink on paper
George III peace medal American Colonial 65.13 silver
King Louis XIV peace medal European 65.54 silver
Appointment of Light Horse Company and Instructions by President Walter Webber and Vice President Aaron Price Unknown American 4026.39-.1 ink on paper
George III peace medal with "Happy While United" type European 65.16 silver
King Louis Philippe donative medal French 65.58 silver
Memorandum of Lieutenant Colonel William Gates on meeting of Major General Thomas Jessup and Seminole Chiefs and Warriors William Gates American 4026.499 ink on paper
Silver peace medal European 65.50 silver
George Washington Seasons peace medal with "Sower" scene George Washington, John Trumbull, Conrad Heinrich Küchler United States 60.155 silver