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Tags: child

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Indian Painting on Hide Unidentified American TU2009.39.268.171
Image of Collage of Two Standing Indians Unidentified American TU2009.39.268.242
Charles M. Russell on Porch with Child Unidentified American TU2009.39.262.88a-b
Apsáalooke robe Two Leggings Native American; Apsáalooke (Crow) 89.41 paint on hide, wool, 19th-century trade beads
Mourning His Son Loren Pahsetopah, James and Rosemarie Waggoner Native American; Osage 02.2000 tempera on matboard
Kiowa Family James Auchiah, John C. Hillyer Native American; Kiowa 02.1718 tempera and graphite on paper
Horse with Colt Pop Chalee Native American; Taos Pueblo 02.1789 tempera on paper
Michelle and (Jackie) Mommy at Wye Mountain in Bigelow, Arkansas American 4327.10925
Wooden instructional cradleboard Henry Haskell, Dudley Haskell, Mary Whitesell Native American; Osage 84.2937 wood, fabric, glass, metal, paint, hide
Wooden painted cradleboard with metal brads, woven wool, and ribbonwork Unidentified, Mary and Lawrence Bryan, Ernest Emmett Thompson Native American; Osage 84.3020 wood, wool, metal, silk, paint
Child's blanket with ribbonwork and beaded floral design Unidentified Native American; possibly Osage (artist and user) 84.1155 wool, silk, glass
White child's apron Julia Winningham Native American; Euchee 99.207 cloth
Boy's painted green and yellow beaded leggings Unidentified Native American; Kiowa 84.1781a-b hide, dye, glass
Child's moccasins with purple velvet cuffs and blue, green, and white geometric designs on the toe Unidentified Native American; possibly Kickapoo or Shawnee 84.2994a-b hide, velvet, glass, cotton
Wooden painted cradleboard with finger woven sash Unidentified, Ernest Emmett Thompson, Mary and Lawrence Bryan Native American; Osage 84.3019a-b wood, metal, paint, wool, glass
Boys leather shirt with fringe on the arms and shoulder Unidentified Native American; Arapaho (artist and user) 84.1812 hide, paint
Wooden painted Osage cradleboard Unidentified, Ernest Emmett Thompson, Mary and Lawrence Bryan Native American; Osage 84.3018 wool, metal, paint, yarn
Seminole Mother Fred Beaver, Raymond and Miriam Freedman Native American; Muscogee (Creek), Seminole 02.1923 tempera on matboard
Blue beaded cradleboard with punchwork design on boards Unidentified Native American; Kiowa 84.627 wood, glass, hide
Southern Cheyenne girl's leather beaded leggings Unidentified Native American; Southern Cheyenne 84.478 glass, hide