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Tags: child

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Hide toy travoy painted with geometric designs Unknown Native American 84.2154 hide, paint, wood
Painted cradleboard with brass pins and bells with beaded straps Unknown, Emil William Lenders Native American; Osage 84.630 pigment, wood, brass, yarn, glass
Beaded leather cradleboard with fringe Unknown Native American; Cheyenne 84.624a-d semi-tanned hide, sinew, glass, wood, cotton textiles, cotton thread, metal tacks, likely brass
Wooden painted Osage cradleboard Unknown, Ben Stone Native American; Osage 84.626 wood, paint, glass beads, copper alloy bells and tacks, wool, semi-tanned hide, synthetic fabric (or possibly silk), cotton thread
Wooden beaded cradleboard Unknown Native American; Kiowa (artist and user) 84.1 hide, wood, cloth, glass
Doll in a toy paper cradleboard Unknown Native American 84.2240 cotton, paper
Blue and red beaded cradleboard with geometric designs Unknown Native American; Cheyenne 84.2365 glass, wood, metal, hide (buffalo)
Leather toy quiver Unknown Native American 84.3544 hide
Pair of toy parfleche envelopes Unknown Native American; Crow 89.109a-b hide, leather, paint, cloth
Child's wool beaded breechcloth Unknown Native American; possibly Osage 84.2122 wool, cotton, glass
Male cornhusk doll with corn silk hair, braided arms and legs, and ink drawn face Unknown Native American; Quapaw 96.33 cornhusk, corn silk, ink
Female cornhusk doll with braided arms, hair, and ink drawn face Unknown Native American; Quapaw 96.34 cornhusk, yarn (wool), ink
Female cornhusk doll with braided arms, corn silk hair, and ink drawn face Unknown Native American; Quapaw 96.35 cornhusk, corn silk, ink
Toy cradleboard Unknown, Wieghorst Studio Collection, Olaf Wieghorst Native American; possibly Apache (artist and user) 84.2380 hide, wood, glass, cotton
Wooden leather cradleboard Unknown, Leigh Studio Collection Native American; Apache, Mescalero (artist and user) 84.1161 wood, hide, dye
Wooden cradleboard Unknown Native American; Osage (artist and user) 73.102 wood, pigments, brass
Wood and leather toy cradleboard Unknown Native American; Zuni (artist and user) 73.103 wood, hide
Wool dance panel with beaded floral designs and twisted fringe Unknown Native American; possibly Otoe-Missouria (artist and user) 84.1143 wool, glass
Vest with geometric design in blue, purple, green, pink, and yellow Gloria Maude Cheshewalla, Yarbrough Native American; Osage 84.3291a wool, rayon
Boy's leather leggings with wool yarn fringe Tyrone Stewart, Unknown Native American; Osage 84.1746a-b yarn, hide