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Tags: child

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Black vest with beadwork, ribbon, and fringe Unknown, Ernest Emmett Thompson, Mary and Lawrence Bryan Native American; Kaw 84.3055 wool, satin, glass, hide, plastic
Beaded cradleboard with geometric and floral designs with hide fringe and cotton lining Unknown Native American; Kiowa 84.631 cotton, hide, glass, wood
Beaded hide cradle hood with circular shape in center Unknown Native American; Arapaho 84.740 hide, glass
Plaid cloth cradle cover with beaded hood on hide Unknown Native American; possibly Cheyenne 84.741 brass, glass, hide, cloth
Leather doll with buckskin dress with geometric design and beaded moccasins Unknown Native American; Cheyenne 84.904 hide, glass, metal, shell (cowrie)
Female doll made of hide with printed cotton dress and beaded features Unknown Native American (artist and user) 84.916 cotton, glass, hide
Female doll with cloth dress and beaded leggings with beaded features and shoes Unknown Native American; Apache, San Carlos or White Mountain (artist and user) 84.917 hide, glass, metal, cotton
Cotton patchwork child's apron Unknown Native American; Seminole 99.194 cotton
Trade item female doll with plant fiber base and glass beadwork Unknown Native American; Seminole 84.913 palm fiber, glass, cotton textile, cotton thread, embroidery thread possibly silk
Trade item male doll with plant fiber base and cloth neckerchief Unknown Native American; Seminole 84.923 palm fiber, cotton textile, cotton thread, embroidery thread (possibly silk), white metal (possibly aluminum)
Red cradleboard with glass geometric and floral beadwork and metal tacks on wood Unknown Native American; Kiowa 84.629 cotton, metal, hide, glass
Beaded yellow dyed hide cradleboard with fur lining Unknown Native American; Apache, Mescalero (artist and user) 84.632 hide, wood, fur, cloth, brass, dye, glass, sinew
Boy's ribbon jacket (hunting coat) Julia Winningham Native American; Euchee 99.199 cotton, silk
Wooden cradleboard tied with hide Unknown, William Robinson Leigh Native American; possibly Osage (artist and user) 73.100 wood, hide
The Order of Good Cheer Charles Banks Wilson American 13.2196 ink and pen on paper
Orbis Terrarum Nova et Accuratissima Tabula Pieter Goos 3926.168
El Éxodo Gustavo Savin Mexican 01.2025 oil on canvas
Thank You note from Sophie Stone to Eudotia Teenor for donation in memory of Willard Stone. Willard Stone Native American; Cherokee descent 3827.7872-.1 ink on paper
1979 Christmas card Willard Stone Native American, Cherokee 5327.846 ink on paper
Awee Charles Banks Wilson American 14.691 lithograph on paper