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Tags: Choctaw

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Manuscript Collection: Edmond J. Gardner Native American; Choctaw MC.1954.73
Manuscript Collection: Natchez Treaty Native American; Chickasaw, Choctaw, and Natchez, Spanish MC.1954.151
Manuscript Collection: Peter Pitchlynn Native American; Choctaw MC.1948.175
Wheelock Mission, near Millerton Vinson Lackey American 01.1391 oil on canvas
Tushkahomma Female Institute, l892 Vinson Lackey American 01.1364 oil on canvas
Choctaw Woman Charles Banks Wilson American 13.2113 graphite on paper
Letter from John Ridge to Chief John Ross J. L. Hargett, John Ridge Native American, Cherokee 4026.104 ink on paper
Copy of Instructions from Chief John Ross to Delegation Attending Intertribal Counsel J. L. Hargett, Unknown Native American, Cherokee, Creek 4026.952-.1 ink on paper
Depositions of Charles Root Unknown, J. L. Hargett Native American, Cherokee, Choctaw 4026.1120-.1 ink on paper
Power of Attorney from Big Mush to Chief John Ross Unknown, J. L. Hargett Native American, Cherokee, Choctaw 4026.1125-.1 ink on paper
Letter from Confederate Cherokee Delegation to Chief John Ross Unknown, J. L. Hargett Native American, Cherokee 4027.1524-.1 ink on paper
Bound copy of the treaty between the Confederate States, Choctaw Nation, and Chickasaw Nation Unknown American, Native American, Chickasaw 4826.17 ink on paper
Choctaw Charles Banks Wilson American 13.2027 graphite on paper
Choctaw Pureblood Charles Banks Wilson American 13.2084 graphite on paper