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Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
A Child of the Frontier American TU2009.39.5345.1 paper
Russell's Paintings Tell Story of the Fast Passing Old West American TU2009.39.5559.1-2 paper
Charles M. Russell American TU2009.39.5228 paper
Newspaper clipping of Charles M. Russell's "The War Party" painting American TU2009.39.5140 paper
Wants Russell to Start on his Work American TU2009.39.5507 paper
Russell's Bronzes Are Given to City Council American TU2009.39.8075 Paper
William Allen White, Noted Writer, Drops in on Russell American TU2009.39.5450.1 paper
Farmer Resident of Fort Benton Passes in East American TU2009.39.1047 paper
Charles Marion Russell Knows Indian Signs as Well as Artist Tools American TU2009.39.5372 paper
State of Montana Owns One of C. M. Russell's Finest Works: Lewis and Clark American TU2009.39.5583.3 paper
Russell Held Himself Rich in Friends of Many Kinds American TU2009.39.5241.1 paper
Newspaper Clipping of a review of "Trails Plowed Under" American TU2009.39.5158 paper
A Cowboy Artist American TU2009.39.5517.1 Paper
Artist Rescued Girl From Rush of Wild Cattle American TU2009.39.5063 paper
Cowboy Artist Shows Paintings of Scenes in Great Wild West American TU2009.39.5462.1 paper
From I.W. Church to Nancy C. Russell Nancy C. Russell American TU2009.39.1985 ink on paper
The West is No More: How It Is Being Depicted by the Pen of "the Cowboy Artist" Whose Years in the Saddle Have Given Him an Authoritative First Hand Knowledge of the Subject American TU2009.39.5411 paper
Montana 'U' To Honor Russell With Doctor Of Laws Degree American TU2009.39.5601 Paper
Russell Statue Is Proposed American TU2009.39.5248.2 paper
A Child of the Frontier American TU2009.39.5176 paper