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Charles Russell Dead at 61; Heart Attack Proves Fatal; Noted Cowboy Artist Passes American TU2009.39.5198 paper
Funeral Hour at 2:30, Body Lies in State American TU2009.39.5174 paper
10,000 Visit Memorial in Last 82 Days American TU2009.39.5099 paper
Group of Artists to Pay Honor to Russell's Memory American TU2009.39.5539.2 paper
Artists Make Exhibit: Treat Given by Cowboy and Indian Artist American TU2009.39.5418.1 paper
Newspaper clipping of an article discussing Charles M. Russell's work at the Babcock Galleries American TU2009.39.5485.3 paper
Newspaper clipping regarding store closing during the funeral services of Charles M. Russell American TU2009.39.5245.3 paper
Montana's Great Loss American TU2009.39.5220 paper
When Charley Russell Earned $84 for 2 Months' Labor as Montana Cow Hand American TU2009.39.5246.1 paper
Writer Tells Why "Big Names Vanish" American TU2009.39.5123 paper
Color picture from the New York World American TU2009.39.5636 paper
Famous Frontiersmen Will Give Entertainment On Indian Life American TU2009.39.5552.1-3 paper
Is He Remington's Successor? American TU2009.39.5428.1-2 paper
Newspaper clipping of an article about the Folsom show American TU2009.39.5496.3 paper
In Undying Appreciation American TU2009.39.5256.1 paper
1,500 Inspect Art Exhibit at Hotel Rainbow on Friday American TU2009.39.5369 paper
Montana "U" to Honor Russell with Doctor of Laws Degree American TU2009.39.5138 paper
Folder American TU2009.39.8369 ink on paper
Sunday Tribune dated 30 December 1945 American TU2009.39.5577 paper
Russell Memorial Will Be Open Today American TU2009.39.1045 paper