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Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Newspaper clipping regarding Charles M. Russell paintings at art auction American TU2009.39.5277.1
Cowboy Artist-Author Accomplishments American TU2009.39.5370
Newspaper clipping of article about about senator from Montana American TU2009.39.5397
What are your Opinions Worth American TU2009.39.5077
Newspaper clipping of an article discussing Charles M. Russell at the Wunderly Galleries American TU2009.39.5453.2
C. M. Russell State Board Rejects Plan: Refuses to Be Guided by Widow's Selection of Model and Sculptor American TU2009.39.5263.2
New Canvas By Russell: One of Cowboy Painter's Largest Pictures at the Montana Club American TU2009.39.5575.2
Newspaper Clipping Regarding Field Glass American 3026.207.1
Newspaper Clipping American TU2009.39.264v.3
Prince of Wales Pays $10,000 for Russell Painting American TU2009.39.556.3
Russell Canvas is on Display American TU2009.39.5425.4 paper
Newspaper clipping of an article discussing Charles M. Russell's paintings placed in the National Capitol American TU2009.39.5484.1-2 paper
Book Leaf American TU2009.39.5133.2 paper
Stampede Will be the Livest Show Pulled Off in Saskatoon American TU2009.39.5471.1-2 paper
Painting by Russell Emplaced in House American TU2009.39.5509.2 paper
From Nancy C. Russell to Dan R. Conway Nancy C Russell, Dan R. Conway American TU2009.39.923 ink on paper
Magazine Clipping American TU2009.39.5409 gelatin silver process
Not Matisse or Picasso, - Just C. M. Russell American TU2009.39.5235.2 paper
The Magazines and 'Western Stories American TU2009.39.5600 paper
Charles Russell Knows Indian Signs as Well as Artist's Tools American TU2009.39.5491.1-2 paper