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Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Leather moccasins Native American; Plains 89.119a-b leather, sinew
Solid ceramic female figure Mesoamerican; Aztec 54.7282 clay
Pueblo Craftsmen, Palace of the Governor Santa Fe Pablita Velarde "Native American; Santa Clara Pueblo 0237.565 tempera
Dark blue stroud cloth men's leggings trimmed along the bottom and sides with satin ribbon Unknown; , Charles L. Haskell; , Dudly Haskell Native American; Osage 84.3017a-b wool, silk
Ceramic mold Mesoamerican; Chimalhuacan 54.7561 clay
Beaded and quilled leather moccasins Native American; Sioux 84.377a-b leather, quills, glass, cotton cloth, animal hair, cotton string
Beaded leather moccasins with metal cone tinklers and geometric designs Unknown Native American; possibly Mescalero or Chiricahua Apache 84.327a-b leather, glass, metal, sinew
Two beaded leather legging strips with various geometric designs Native American; possibly Blackfoot or Sioux 84.1834a-b leather, glass
Men’s beaded leather moccasins with geometric designs Native Ameircan; possibly Oglala or Sioux 84.421a-b leather, glass, cotton string
Women’s beaded leather moccasins Unknown Native American; Cheyenne 84.397a-b hide, glass
Nayarit style hollow ceramic human figure Mesoamerican; West Mexican 54.3966 clay, slip, paint
Charles Russell dressed as an Indian draped in a blanket Unknown American TU2009.39.257.11a gelatin silver process
Men’s beaded leather moccasins with blue beaded field with triangular designs around perimeter and a bird design on vamp Unknown Native American; Cheyenne 84.303a-b hide, glass
Men’s beaded leather moccasins with white beaded field with a line of green beading and geometric patterns around perimeter Unknown Native American; Cheyenne 84.329a-b commercial leather, glass, cotton
Ceramic human figure Mesoamerican; Mayan 54.3778 clay
Feelin' Good! - Modoc Charles Banks Wilson American 1327.2126 pencil on paper