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Tags: dark blue

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Fur turban with red cotton lining and beaded edges Unidentified Native American 84.947 fur, cotton, glass
Woven beaded strip with 5 star design for cradleboard Unidentified Native American; Osage, Nez Perce 84.1875 wool, glass
Beaded strip on leather Ty Stewart, Unidentified Native American; Ponca (artist and user) 84.1853 hide, glass
Long, loom beaded belt with blue beads Unidentified Native American; possibly Kiowa 84.1869 hide, glass
Leather strip with beaded designs, shells, and floral cotton on interior of pocket Unidentified Native American; possibly Shawnee 84.3535 hide, glass, shell, cotton
Beaded strip with beaded geometric design in red, white, green and blue Unidentified Native American 84.3538 hide, glass
Coiled basket with braided handles and florally beaded lid Native American; Yupik-Inupiaq 71.575a-b grass, glass, buckskin
Beaded strike-a-light bag with leather fringe along the bottom of the bag Unidentified Native American; Cheyenne 84.567 hide, glass, metal